Coreografias / Choreographies
Created and performed by Cláudia Tomaz, Carlos Manuel Oliveira and Tiago Dionísio. Programming by Tiago Dionísio. Duration: 20min. Produced by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. It was presented at the Contemporary Art Museum of the Gulbenkian Foundation, in August 2008.
MeYouIt was created in the frame of the Interdisciplinary Performing Arts Course devised by the Brooklyn College of the City University of New York at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in Lisbon. MeYouIt is a fiction. A fiction of fictions. A dream of otherness across the extensive continuum. It is a tale of the different phases of one same being, multiplied by and in resonance with itself. It is a space of echoes, of refractions and diffractions, murmuring voices and images passing by. A whisper in the subterranean planes, and the horizon of the internet. You spell it ME-YOU-IT, all together, as a new word, because the result is more than its constitutive parts. The building up of this piece was based on ideas of metamorphosis, transfiguration, and mutable times and spaces. It started from an object divided in a glass that becomes a mirror and in broken mirrors that become projection surfaces. Then the ‘The invention of Morel’, written by Casares (a friend of Borges) came in, accompanied by ‘Alice through the looking glass’, cyborgs, clowns and music, which little by little gave place to different characters and events, related to each other in a non-linear fashion.
TRIADIC (2012)
MEYOUIT (2008)
GARMENT (2007)
MEYOUIT (2008)
CQNV, CQNR (2011)
CIRCO (2004)
DDDA (2017)