Coreografias / Choreographies
Conceived, performed and installed by Carlos Manuel Oliveira. Duration: Ongoing. Produced by the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin. Presented at the Uferstudios, Berlin, in April 2009.

Circularities is a multi-channel video installation that presents on one same wall a series of small screens showing different actions in loops. Not only are the videos played in loop but also the actions share the fact of being somewhat tautological: they fold over themselves as if pointing towards an involution. The compositional idea behind these actions tries to implode the usual and useful affordances of an object, only to activate the poetics of a space that emerges when such object is used to serve itself (like a shovel that used to bury itself). By repeating one same idea in relation to different objects, the work varies the possibilities of expressing the link between what might be called an absurd action and the logical thoughts that from it might derive. Something that simultaneously is and is not a metaphor.
TRIADIC (2012)
GARMENT (2007)
MEYOUIT (2008)
CQNV, CQNR (2011)
CIRCO (2004)
DDDA (2017)